Learn more about the basic elements of MANs


The MAN gears:

  1. Timebanking
    • Method for people to exchange services using time as a currency instead of money
    • Enables services and skills that are not valued by the market economy to be valued
    • Everyone’s time is valued equally no matter the task
    • Allows everyone to contribute to the community
  2. Poshterity Budgeting
    • Assistance exploring, designing, and utilizing the variety of compensation options available to replace monetary need
  3. Price Based Mutual Credit
    • Mutual credit denominated in national currency
    • Taxable for businesses, goods, and professional services
  4. Project Facilitation Assistance
    • Assistance designing, developing, and carrying out projects
    • Assistance with decision-making and governance structure
  5. Common Fund
    • Provides a mechanism for people to invest in a shared resource pool
    • Enables people to have start up capital when starting new initiatives
    • Allows people to have a say over what projects get funded in their community
    • Enables people to have a safety net if an unexpected occurrences arises
  6. Community Investment Assistance
    • Assistance garnering, stewarding, and allocating the resources for initiatives in the community
  7. Sharing
    • Provides a mechanism for people to share material resources
    • Allows people to have access to resources together that may otherwise be unavailable to them individually
    • Examples would be tool libraries, makerspaces, shared equipment, and supplies
  8. Work Redesign Assistance
    • Assistance designing a work life that includes a variety of types of work: art, learning, professional services, community contribution, etc.