Lehigh Valley, PA

Based in the Neighborhood Health Centers of the Lehigh Valley, The Mutual Aid Network of the Lehigh Valley (MANLV) will utilize the mission and core values of Time Banking to develop and sustain a network of reciprocity, social support, and increased community engagement.

MANLV seeks to actively uphold the fundamental principles of Time Banking by affirming that each individual has a valuable contribution to bestow upon his or her neighborhood, and that each individual’s contributions are equally necessary to the
overall functioning of the community as a whole.  One of the primary objectives of MANLV is to address the inequalities that have prevailed throughout health care in order to improve the quality of care received by various underserved populations within our community.

MANLV will oversee the formation of Neighbor­to­Neighbor Care Teams in an effort to provide social support to individuals who have been diagnosed with multiple chronic illnesses and have remained isolated from their community.  MANLV Neighbor­to­Neighbor Care Teams will consist of Time Bank members who can routinely provide wellness phone calls, home visits, hospital visits, education,  transportation, companionship, and additional services that promote wellness but are not typically provided in conjunction with health care. More info at www.nhclv.org
Project Steward:  Hasshan Batts