HUMANs on Moneyless Society Podcast
President of HUMANs Stephanie Rearick talks with Zach Marlow and Amanda Smith of Moneyless Society

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From Moneyless Society: Feb 15, 2024 MUTUAL MFIN AID! The antidote to a world consumed by transactional, commodified, individualized, and nuked social relations is embarrassingly simple: SHARE! In this nourishing, hard-core solutions oriented episode we explore all things mutual aid with the GREAT Stephanie Rearick. We talk time banking, mutual credit, community building, Appalachian Community Meal project, and exactly WHAT IT TAKES to start your own mutual aid network in your town as a part of a movement to uplift each other outside the shackles and deprivation of the system that's gonna kill us all if we don't learn how to SHARE! Oh and the best part, it's all FREE!
2015 MAN Up Summit reflections - our first summit
September 11, 2015 by Stephanie Rearick