Upcoming week – Mutual Aid Network and TimeBank Care Team workshops


In my last post I mentioned we have a big week coming up.

That’s because Kathy Perlow is coming to visit us!

From Lehigh Valley Pennsylvania, Kathy is the developer of the Neighbor-to-Neighbor (N2N) Care Team model of timebanking. Kathy has recently retired from a 13-year career developing and running an award-winning hospital-based timebank that connects patients and their families with other community members who can reliably contribute to their network of informal support and care. Now she is beginning a project to develop a community-based timebank and wellness cooperative (MAN) to take that model even further.

Kathy will be in Madison to train DCTB staff and community members how to start and run Neighbor-to-Neighbor Care Teams. We will also work together to explore how to take health and wellness-oriented timebanking to a new level of effectiveness.

On Tuesday we have two brainstorming sessions with potential pilot project organizers and supporters here in Madison.

Wednesday we’ll run a Builders Workshop on how to create Neighbor-to-Neighbor Care teams, and how to build more impactful systems with Mutual Aid Networks. This one you can join online if you like, on the web meeting we use for Mutual Aid Network gatherings. Email steph[at]stephanierearick.com if you’d like the access information to join.

Thursday Kathy will train the families in our Sun Prairie Capacity Building Initiative (engaging people with disabilities and their families in networks of community support), to create our first N2N Care Team in and for their community.

Looking forward to working with Kathy and other partners around the world to take all this to the next level.

Feel free to join us if you’re able!


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