Support our Solidarity Sprint! and learn about it at our Madison meetup 9/27.

Hello all,
I’m writing from Detroit, our 3rd-to-last stop on our month-plus-long Solidarity Sprint. Learn all about it as we start compiling our notes, photos, and reflections on this massive experience. Over the last month, we’ve visited, worked, and had fun with folks in mutual aid projects in St. Louis, Carbondale IL, Western North Carolina, Washington DC, Bethlehem PA, NYC, Western Massachusetts, and Detroit. Onward to Lansing, Valparaiso and Gary Indiana, then back to Madison where we’ll report on all of it in a little slideshow party at our Madison MAN Coop annual meeting (9/27, 4-6pm at Social Justice Center).
We’ve been largely self-funding this sprint, which will bring back a lot of tools, practices, and mutually-supportive relationships to our work in Madison. And my car has taken a beating, which is getting expensive. We’d really appreciate your help in our crowdfunding campaign, and we have some awesome perks we offer. Check it out! And share if you’re willing.
Thanks for paying attention, and we hope to see you soon!
Take care,
Stephanie (founder etc. of Mutual Aid Networks)

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