September 2021 Solidarity Summit Harvest – videos and notes

Hello all,

We’re ready to share our videos of the September 25-26 Solidarity Summit, theme of Abundant Harvest.

This is the video from Session I, Day I where we gave an overview of HUMANs, this and previous summits, and shared an update of where we are now and where we’re headed. Sybille Saint Girons shared details about our open source software journey, which will take its next step soon. Email if you’d like to be involved!

Video Day I, session II, was when we shared our meals in our home locations and shared our dreams and progress with each other over zoom. We had folks in Hull UK, Vancouver Island BC, Madison USA, Detroit USA, and more! And learned about each others’ projects.

And lastly, the video from Day II when we briefly discussed the film Gather, then harvested the fruits of our summit.

For more details and links, check out our notes here: Fall 2021 Solidarity Summit notes and links


And December 18-19 will be our last Solidarity Summit of 2021, and we’ll host our Annual General Membership meeting as a key part of it. At this gathering you can learn about how we’ve gotten to where we are, our progress to date, and where we’re headed. We’d love for you to share images and stories from your projects – please do so as soon as you’re able and we’ll make something beautiful to share.

Then we’ll spend about 15-30 minutes electing our Board of Directors for 2022-2023. Interested in running? We’d love to have you!

Please email for more information, questions, ways to engage, etc.




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