Please support the MAN on Giving Tuesday!


There’s no better time to support the Mutual Aid Network (the MAN), an organization that addresses shortcomings in the formal money-based economy, than after Black Friday and Cyber Monday. On these days, many people buy discounted goods, often from large box stores necessitating employees who often make a non-living wage doing unsatisfying work.

The MAN offers a solution to the problems caused by the market economy–a way for all people to thrive doing work they love. This solution is one designed for all people, not just a few for whom the market economy serves.

On Giving Tuesday, I ask you to support these long term sustainable solutions the MAN is working towards.

In the past year, the Mutual Aid Network constituents have been leaders in racial justice, food security, and skills training for those most commonly left out of the market economy. As we being 2017, these efforts are needed more than ever.

I ask you to join us by making a gift to the Mutual Aid Network.

Thank you for being a part of this important work during this critical time.


Stephanie Rearick

Creative Director, Mutual Aid Networks

P.S. The MAN recognizes the value of your time as well as your financial resources. If you would like to help grow our global efforts with your unique skills and energy, please email Jami Becka at

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