Photos from New Zealand tour

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Hopefully you already know that I’m on a MAN tour of New Zealand. Lots of exciting stuff! I’m learning a lot and it looks like there will be plenty of Mutual Aid action around the country. And as usual, I don’t have time to type up all my notes. Still planning to, for sure.

And there are still more gatherings – tomorrow (Tue April 18, 5;30pm) here in Whakatane (Knox Presbyterian Church), Wed. in Hamilton (email me for details), and Friday in Auckland (all day! again, email for details). Thursday I’m being interviewed for a documentary series on Channel 1 – Nigel Latta’s show, I believe.

But meanwhile I want to share photos. I’ll add captions and descriptions later but felt impatient to get them up. Especially for people (like my mom, hi mom!) who like to see them but don’t do facebook.

Anyway, enjoy. And thanks to all who have made this epic and wonderful journey possible, you know who you are. Especially Margaret Jefferies and Cherie Conrad.

My heart is bursting with joy and gratitude.


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