Mutual Aid in the Wall Street Journal (Dane Co. TimeBank, actually)

I spoke with Greg Ip of the Wall Street Journal and he cited me and the timebank I founded, the Dane County TimeBank, in an article focused on Universal Basic Income. You can see my comment below the article (in a reply to a featured comment on gov’t bureaucracy) – the beauty of Mutual Aid Networks is that we should be able to use them to create Basic Human Livelihood ourselves, instead of relying on having a humane or generous government which we haven’t seen yet. Or, I’m calling it a Lively Humanhood. But I digress…. The article is here. Behind a paywall.

here’s a pdf:

Let’s Rethink What Counts as Paid Work – WSJ

Enjoy! Then work with us to make this do-it-ourselves Lively Humanhood, it’ll be faster and more fun 🙂

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