Membership Agreement

Mutual Aid Network Cooperative Membership Policies & Agreement

I/We, ______________________________  (Individual or Organization Name, herein referred to as “Member”) hereby apply for the privilege of membership in and of trading goods and services in the membership-based network (the “Network”) Humans United in Mutual Aid Networks Cooperative (the “HUMANs”). By signing below, I/We agree to the following membership policies:

    1. To operate with integrity in word and action, uphold the CORE values, honor commitments and other members at all times.
    2. To maintain honest, clear, and timely communication with HUMANs administration regarding experiences, needs, challenges, and other aspects of participation as may arise.
    3. To update the administration emailing with any changes to Member’s contact information as soon as possible.
    1. That HUMANs operates an association of individuals, businesses, nonprofits and others who agree to participate for the purposes of expanding resource sharing and exchange and enjoying other benefits. HUMANs bears the responsibility of managing and recording the trading, credits, debits, fees, etc. as well as the day-to-day administration and marketing of the Network.
    2. That HUMANs regulates the Network as a third-party record-keeper for the transactions that occur therein.
    3. That the Member is an individual, organization, or bona fide business. An organization is any group of 3 or more people having an agreed-upon mission/purpose and form of governance articulated in writing, who meet regularly (at least twice a year) with minutes accessible by all members. That Member desires to exchange with other Members and participants in the Network, and is subscribing to HUMANs’ services. Member is in compliance with all applicable State, Federal, industry and professional laws and regulations.
    4. That HUMANs reserves the right to refuse services to anyone as a Member for any reason it deems necessary.
    1. HUMANs does not conduct background checks on Members. Each Member is responsible for his/her own safety and comfort. Feel free to ask for references and meet Members in public places for your first meeting. You are also welcome to utilize the resources and links for the HUMANs website to conduct your own basic background check.
    1. One hour of service always earns one HUMAN Hour, and one HUMAN Hour always buys one hour of service. For fractions of hours, round up to the nearest quarter hour. (For example, 52 minutes of service earns 1 TimeBank Hour. 1 hour and 10 minutes of service equals 1.25 HUMAN Hours). HUMAN Hours are not redeemable for cash.
    2. There is no credit or debit limit for HUMAN Hours. Reciprocity is important, and we believe that in the fullness of time each person can be more of a giver or receiver at different periods, and that everyone deserves to get the help they need if someone is willing to provide it.
    3. Every member has the responsibility to be prompt and keep scheduled commitments.
  5. NATURE AND USE OF PRICE-BASED MUTUAL CREDIT (MC$) NOTE: HUMANs have named our MC$ unit the MANY, and it is abbreviated in the Mutual Aid Platform as “MAN.”
    1. To acknowledge that MC$ are a private currency which operates as contractually accepted tender for private debts between Members and other participants in the Network, and are backed only by the goods & services available within the Network at any given time. MC$ are not and should not be represented as legal tender, securities, or gift certificates.
    2. To honor MC$ as equivalent in value to the national currency in which they operate, unless an explicit decision is made by a particular Mutual Aid Network (MAN) to value it differently, which value must be made explicit to members. HUMANs Members trading MC$ across MANs with different MC$ values are free to set their own exchange rate. HUMANs members agree to not charge any more to customers using MC$ than any other customer would in making a similar purchase with national currency. Reports of such activity or negative treatment of Members may lead to a suspension or cancellation of membership and trading privileges.
    3. To make clear Member’s intention to use MC$ in making payment upfront so that any negotiation between buyer and seller is appropriately informed of that intention.
    4. To accept as much of a purchase in MC$ as possible unless otherwise agreed to and authorized by MAN and/or the Member is on “Standby” status.
    5. To communicate any deal constrictions and/or any need for “Blended Payments” (part MC$ and part USD) to MAN and customers sooner than any such constrictions would have effect via the Network’s online presence and Member presence therein.
    6. To invoke Standby status only when necessary and after having contacted MAN for support spending down the Member’s balance, and making all reasonable efforts to continue accepting MC$ uninterrupted. Standby status can NOT be invoked when a Member has a negative MC$ balance.
    7. To not sell MC$ for USD unless otherwise explicitly and specifically agreed to in writing as part of a resellers agreement with MAN. MAN cannot support the redemption of MC$ for USD.
    1. To declare and report all local, state, and federal taxes due against any and all transactions occurring in MC$, and hold MAN harmless against any fees or penalties incurred as a result of a failure to do so. Member is solely responsible in collecting and paying all taxes due to tax authorities. Under no circumstances is MAN to be held responsible in any way for the payment of any taxes on behalf of any Member.
    2. To maintain an up to date W-9, W-8, or other applicable forms with MAN for use in meeting its obligations with the IRS as required by law. Any and all fees incurred by MAN as a result of a Member’s failure to do so will be passed on to that Member and due to MAN in USD immediately.
    1. To maintain “Good Standing” status, which is interpreted as:
      1. Abiding by all the terms of the Membership Agreement,
      2. Keeping current on any and all fees and dues to MAN,
      3. Having a current, valid method of payment on file with MAN, and
      4. Having a current, active account in the Network.
    2. To communicate with MAN about any changes pertaining to the Member Account. Accounts are not transferable in any way to any other individual or business.
    3. To supply MAN with permission to use Member’s name, website, logo, and any other marketing assets in promotional and marketing materials, as well as any other content Member may provide through participation in the Network.
    4. To secure all passwords, Personal Identification Numbers (“PINs”), and other pertinent details of a Member’s account. This applies to online, phone, and any other forms of transacting that occur via the Network. MAN will not be held liable for a Member’s failure to keep relevant details secure.
    5. To report to MAN any security concerns and/or fraudulent activity as soon as it is discovered.
  8. FEES
    All fees will be billed annually with exception of those otherwise denoted. All fees are for services rendered, due within 30 days of billing date, and non-refundable.

    1. Annual Fee –
    Organization’s Annual Budget Annual Dues
    Above $1 million $1000-$2000
    $500,001-$1 million $750-$1000
    $250,001-$500,000 $500-$750
    $100,001-$250,000 $250-$500
    $50,001-$100,000 $100-$250
    $10,001-$50,000 $50-$100
    $5,001-$10,000 $25-$50
    under $5,000 $25


    Household Annual Income Annual Dues
    Above $1 million $750-$1000
    $500,001-$1 million $500-$750
    $250,001-$500,000 $250-$500
    $100,001-$250,000 $100-$250
    $50,001-$100,000 $50-$100
    $25,001-$50,000$10,001-$25,000 $25-$50$10-$25
    under $10,000 $10
    1. If you are unable to pay the suggested membership dues, please be sure to contact us and let us know what you are able to contribute. While we need money to operate, we value all kinds of contribution and will happily work with you to find something that works.
    2. Inactivity Fee – If an account has remained inactive (no buying or selling) for a period of six months, the greater of 10 MC$, or 1% of the account’s balance will be assessed on a monthly basis until a Member becomes active again.
    3. Variable Expiry Rate – All or some accounts may be subject to a rate levied against balances in 
MC$ for the purposes of incentivizing circulation and responsibly stewarding the supply of MC$.
    4. Late Fee – The greater of $10 or 5% of the balance due in USD will be assessed against any account that is over 30 days late. If the account is still due after another 30 days, prior fees will be considered principal and a new late fee assessed against the new balance.
    5. Invalid Payment Fee – A $30 fee on all returned checks and/or invalid credit/debit cards.
    6. Member authorizes MAN to charge any credit/debit card or bank account submitted in writing or online.
    7. It is the sole discretion of MAN to waive, refund, or allow any USD fees to be paid in MC$.
    8. All billing disputes should be submitted in writing to 1202 Williamson St., Suite 102, Madison, WI 53703 or emailed to within 30 days of the billing date. If 30 days have passed and no dispute has been received, it will be assumed that the bill is accurate.
    To submit a request in writing to close an account. Such requests must be made at least 7 days prior to the next billing period to avoid charges, and any remaining fees will be due immediately.
    1. That HUMANs reserves the right to suspend or cancel any account at any time for any reason. This includes but is not limited to delinquent accounts on fees, acts inconsistent with the Membership Agreement, complaints from other Members, fraudulent activity toward MAN or other Members, inactivity on the account, inability to establish contact for an extended period of time, or a Member’s holding a negative balance without duly working towards repayment through supply of goods and services. All fees due in USD and MC$ will become due immediately.
    2. That if a terminated account has a negative balance in MC$, the Member will have 60 days to bring the account to a $0 or positive balance through the sale of their goods and/or services. If 60 days have passed and a negative balance remains on the account, the remaining balance becomes due immediately in USD. If the terminated account has a positive balance, the Member will have 60 days to spend it down, after which any remaining balance will be forfeited to MAN unless agreed to otherwise by MAN.
    3. That if an account is terminated due to illegal activity, then any negative balances become due in USD immediately and any positive balance is automatically forfeited to MAN.
    4. That if an account is late on paying any of the monthly fees in USD or MC$, MAN reserves the right to temporarily suspend, limit, or terminate the account until the account is brought current. This may occur even if the account has a positive balance.
    5. That MAN may at any time limit or terminate any account if MAN believes the Member to be abusing the system in any way or otherwise harming the effectiveness of the network or other members.
    1. To make all disputes, between other members and/or MAN itself, in writing via mail to 1202 Williamson St. Suite 102, Madison, WI 53703 or via email to All efforts will be made to handle disputes between members through mediation, and MAN reserves the right to mediate and/or have a staff person be included in any mediation of disputes between two or more members.
    2. To cover any and all legal and attorney’s fees incurred by MAN in the course of its enforcing any part of this Membership Agreement, provided the ruling is in MAN’s favor.
    That Members personally guarantee all fees in USD and MC$ associated with being a Member.
    To take good care of any equipment provided by MAN. Such equipment is the property of MAN and is leased to the Member, who is responsible for any loss, theft, or damage that may occur to it.
    To hold MAN, its officers, employees, representatives, and affiliates harmless with respect to any claim, debt, or any other liability whatsoever which may arise from participating as a Member. MAN makes no warranty or guarantee with regard to the services of other members, and disclaims all liability for the fitness, quality, delivery, etc. of its Members’ goods and/or services.
    That if any term or policy of this Membership Agreement is judged unenforceable, it shall not affect the enforceability of the other terms or policies.
    That MAN’s delay in exercising any right shall not operate as a waiver thereof, and any single or partial exercise of rights shall not preclude any other or further exercise of its rights in any way.
    That should MAN fail to continue to operate, all accounts with a negative balance will become due and that balance will be owed in USD. That cash will be used to reimburse members with positive balances to the fullest extent possible. MAN will strive to maintain a viable, balanced market, but no guarantees are extended to any account balances whatsoever and neither MAN nor its officers, employees, affiliates, or other associated parties will be held liable for any 
remaining balances.
    That MAN will not share or sell its Members’ private information to any third party, nor to any other Member.
    That MAN reserves the right to amend this Membership Agreement from time to time as deemed necessary, and will send notice of any changes prior to their taking effect. Members will have 14 days to dispute changes or it will be assumed that they agree to these changes.
    That this Membership Agreement comprises the sole and whole representation of the agreement between MAN and the Member, and that no oral or other representations will supersede the details contained and agreed to herein.
    That this agreement shall in all respects be construed under the laws of the State of Wisconsin.

Signed ______________________________

Printed ______________________________

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