HUMAN Learning, Organizing, Fun. Please join us!

HUMAN Learning, Organizing, and Fun

Join us this week!

all on this zoom channel, more instructions here
  • Sunday June 21 we’re taking the day off to celebrate Solstice, fathers, and making music. it’s international make music day so get out your instrument or sing in the shower or whatever you prefer. Don’t worry if it’s not good enough for anyone else to hear – just sing, sing a song!
  • Tuesday June 23, 4pm CDT Everywhere Gardens This is our workday for our Everywhere Gardens project. We’ll garden together here in Madison Wisconsin – safely distantly – and share what we’re doing and learning, in hopes that you and your communities will take it up if you like it. We’re about to do another round of outreach before starting to plant fall harvest seeds, so it’s a great time to join us!
  • Wednesday June 24, 5pm CDT Common Good Orientation Here in Madison we’re just beginning to establish our Common Good community, and you can learn with us! The Common Good card provides a really cool way to connect some of the functions of price-based mutual credit and some of a savings pool/common fund. This session is an orientation for new members and you’re welcome wherever you are. Feel free to join Common Good before then so you can really get going with it. See how we’re trying this, share suggestions if you have them, DO TRY THIS AT HOME!
  • Friday June 26, 12noon CDT Big Picture Salon – Coordinating Movement Building This is a roundtable conversation where we’ll share our experiences and perspectives on organizing, especially in context of ending police brutality and structural racism, with a mutual aid approach. This is a fairly open conversation, and can last between 1.5 and 2 hours depending on the desires of participants. We’ll need to work together to establish graceful ways to hear each person’s voice, so please give some attention to how we move forward and back in giving each other airtime.
  • and last but not least, the fun part (well, it’s all fun in its way, including the very difficult work because we do it with love)…

4th Int’l Quiz show!

Sunday July 5, 1pmCDT/7pmUK – show up 15 minutes early if you can
<—- (i know it’s the old one, I just like the picture)
and the first Sunday each month thereafter

To all Timebankers, mutual aiders, trivia buffs and quizzers out there

This will be our fourth international quiz co-hosted by Madison MAN and Timebank Hull and East Riding, and those of you who have attended previous ones can be testament to the the experience being delightfully random and hilarious! Mixing up perfomance and skill shares offered by members in the intermission, (eg singing along out of sync and discovering origami!). This along with more traditional quiz questions and silly hats/fancy dress (but this is not compulsory!). – who knew that online quizzes could be such fun!

Now go and join the HUMANs global cooperative if you haven’t already

Let us know if you’d like an orientation on the Mutual Aid Platform (MAP), our marketplace, exchange, knowledge sharing, and project management platform. We’re shifting to doing them on an as-needed basis instead of our weekly standing time. Please reach out if you’d like one! That’s what we’re here for. 🙂

And know that the HUMANs is much more than just a software platform. We’re a community of practice committed to actively learning, sharing, improving, and building together — using the cooperative economic practices we champion in order to ‘hire’ each other to realize the more beautiful world our hearts know is possible. We hope to connect more with you soon!

Take care,

Stephanie Rearick

Founder and Creative Director of HUMANs-style Mutual Aid Networks

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