Host a fun local meal and join the Solidarity Summit! 9/25 + 26

Autumn Solidarity Summit

September 25 + 26 2021

Click here for your detailed Summit invitation. Page 2 is for people who might want to organize a local gathering – please be sure to check it out! And share your thoughts with us at

We’ll celebrate harvest season with a theme of food access, indigenous food sovereignty, and abundant life through mutual aid. With a simultaneous global shared meal Saturday 9/25 2pm CDT – lunch in the Americas, dinner in UK and Europe, Sunday morning breakfast in Australasia – please join in!

And we’re holding each other’s hands to organize local gatherings and help each other design them to move forward on local needs and dreams.

We invite you to consider hosting your own local gathering and to join us in our learning and sharing community. Or join us online during the summit and share a meal that way, from wherever you find yourself.

Please email to let us know if you’d like to host a local gathering. And/or join our Solidarity Summit weekly planning sessions on Fridays at 2 on zoom.

Thanks much and hope to see you in a couple weeks! Keep it fun and easy and we have plenty of time to pull it together 🙂

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