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HUMANs, Stephanie Rearick
- 05/10/2024 17:34:52

Steward of Hull/East Riding UK MAN - Kate Macdonald <kate@timebankhullandeastriding.co.uk>

France, a few projects - "Sybille Saint Girons @Valeureux" <sybille@valeureux.org>

NZ, can talk about timebanking response to Christchurch earthquake, savings pools, new moves to integrate coop economies - Anneleise Hall <anneleise@gmail.com>

Solidarity Economy St. Louis - I think she’s pregnant and out of the country but she likely has good stuff to share: Julia Ho <julia@solidaritystl.org>

In Madison, got housing via the timebank and is now active in Occupy Madison, lives at the Tiny Home village - kacy Zander <recreate.nsp.1@gmail.com>

Mike Strode, who’s more in the timebanking world and on the board of Tbusa: kola Collaborative <connect@kolanutcollab.org>

Inez Aponte
Will Ruddick
Kate Macdonald
Anne Snick
Kathrin Latsch
Michael Lightsmith
Vicki Robin
Dawn Morrison
Ana Urzua?
Brandon king