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Flow chart for podcast, established 5.3.24

HUMANs, Stephanie Rearick
- 05/03/2024 16:20:25

Steph meets with Edge

1. select guests
2. create questions
3. create invitation template with scheduling link - indicate to select a week with less than 2 on the schedule.

email list to Emily with invitation template incl calendly link, cc's Edge

Emily emails invitation incl calendly link, cc's Edge (Emily plugs in guests)

1. Emily, Edge, and Steph watch calendly to limit interview #s to \~2/week

if Steph or Gorazd want to participate we fit your schedule

Edge emails guest once date is confirmed, cc's Emily

1. includes questions
2. asks if any add'l questions
3. tells them how/when they'll receive the link

Edge sends recording link immediately prior to interview

Edge records interview

Edge edits interview

\-- create promo plan

\-- after 20 interviews completed

Outreach for podcast

post and share podcast