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Peachy Peace Practice tonight 5:30-6:30!

HUMANs, Stephanie Rearick
- 08/29/2023 17:41:21

hi there

I made an experimental peach pie that's a little odd but tastes good, vegan and gluten free, calling it a peach snot pie but it's really a bit better than that 😊 - with some peaches from Esty's and some from pardeeville, and it'll come with me to Peace Practice tonight in case that weird pitch somehow entices you... :)

And - we can do whatever you want to, or we can stick with the plan from a few weeks ago to play the Common Time game, a game designed to help people find/create common ground on difficult topics.

Also working on organizing different learning opportunities, including restorative justice training and coalition work, and your hopes and dreams are welcome.

See you this evening. If you're interested but the timing is bad for you, or if any of your other needs for this have changed, please let us know.