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Peace Practice at SJC

HUMANs, Stephanie Rearick
- 08/22/2023 22:59:45

Hello all,

Sean and I are meeting for today's Peace Practice.

We're checking in to see who wants to have a weekly meetup. Do you? Nobody is expected every week, but we also want to know if it's something people want to do.

Whether or not we maintain a weekly meetup, we'll be scheduling and hosting a variety of learning and skillsharing.

Sean is looking into how to access Nehemiah's video library.

I'm working with Jonathan Scharrer of UW Law School to schedule restorative justice training starting late October.

October 21, 2-6, we'll host Sharefest (also our annual meeting) with some focus on community justice, especially in the middle segment of the day. We'll be inviting former and current community partners and practitioners to celebrate with us, and to showcase their work.

We'll keep the weekly meeting for at least a couple more weeks until we hear otherwise.

Thanks and take care,