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Peace Practice TONIGHT 5:30-6:30

HUMANs, Stephanie Rearick
- 12/05/2023 17:11:12

hi all,

It was great to learn from Jonathan of UW Law School, and now that the training's done we're going to practice what we learned. Feel free to join even if you didn't attend the training.

We're going to role play going through a restorative circle, from beginning to end (starting tonight with the circle itself. We'll go into pre-work later, more in depth, and you're welcome to shape the learning journey too.)

Hope you can make it! Since we're aiming for a nice tight one-hour each week please be on time or better yet, a few minutes early. But we'll welcome you whenever you show up :)

see you soon. Also, if you want to participate but have scheduling conflicts please let us know and we can entertain changing the time.

Take care,