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Restorative Justice training, Peace Practice and beyond

HUMANs, Stephanie Rearick
- 11/16/2023 19:39:44

Hello all

Thanks so very much to all who attended our 2nd Restorative Justice training. I'm excited that we tripled the size of our group! This group is now closed for the rest of the training, then we'll gladly find ways to accommodate new participants. Our aim is to grow the number of people and groups capable of preventing and transforming conflict, meeting community needs, and actively building peace.

For those doing this month's training:
1. Please bring something meaningful to you, so we can practice a circle process as they are typically practiced.
2. Training is 5-7pm each of the next 2 Tuesdays (11/21+11/28) in the conference room of the Social Justice Center (SJC). I'll bring (vegan) cake at 4:45 and if others want to add or request different kinds of snacks, feel free.

For those new to the group: This is hosted by the Madison Mutual Aid Network (MAN) Cooperative and we'd love for you to join! That would mean that you're part of a very loose and open cooperative that uses sharing, timebanking, money pooling, cooperative governance, and peer-to-peer work practices to do more of what we want to do, more of what our communities need, as part of our daily work life. The cooperative economic tools help us displace our need to work at crappy or destructive jobs and increase our ability to do meaningful or creative work as we choose. We aim high! and while aiming for a wholesale global economic change, we get stuff done locally and have fun doing it. You're more than welcome to join at and you can read more about our big vision at - that's our global cooperative network, but it was also born here and we facilitate a lot of its activities from right here in the SJC.

And - you don't need to be members to participate in this.

After this month's training is complete we'll be back to an hour-long weekly meeting from 5:30-6:30 each Tuesday, and we'll be ready to welcome people who aren't doing this training.

Feel free to contact me with questions, concerns, dreams, etc.

Thanks much!