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Street medicine and guests in back

Sean Gere
- 09/25/2023 19:31:04
Hey all,

I did get a follow up of my call  to McKenzie from Street Medicine (or whatever it is now called now).

She is there every Wednesday at 2pm so that can be spread to folks who spend time in back.

Also, she volunteered to be at our Peace Work (PW) meet next week Tuesday 5:30pm at SJC

Seems like a great opportunity to form a relationship with folks in back and learn from everyone involved with the goal to eliminate troubles back there. Plus a great opportunity to implement skills learned.

Please put attendance on the calendar for next week Tuesday. I’ll be facilitating for the first time at SJC so presence and your thoughts would be appreciated. We can all wish Stephanie well with her EU visit

Sean Gere

Cell- 608-225-9118