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Evjue grant application and process

HUMANs, Stephanie Rearick
- 03/21/2024 18:26:49

Hello all

Saswati is unable to meet 3.29 and can do the review and revision of the grant (or making next steps for that, more accurately) after tomorrow's potluck OR we can choose a different way to proceed. Meanwhile there's plenty we can do.

Saswati has sent her first draft for the Evjue grant. I'm putting it into a shared doc once I find which I can use to track changes. OK, unfortunately that's still google drive, and here's the doc. please work in 'suggesting' mode, which you find at the top right of the page with a pencil icon by it (it'll either say 'editing' or 'suggesting')

Also, I wanted to share this link to an old proposal we worked on for the HUMANs, back when we had a professional fundraiser helping us. It's a helpful framework for actually receiving grants, apparently, and I think it can help us to get familiar with it:

Thanks much!