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Link to shared doc grant app due 2/1

HUMANs, Stephanie Rearick
- 01/18/2024 20:16:03

hi all

Most of you are on the list for the fundraising work group and those who aren't might be interested in this anyway.

We're applying to Altrusa for a 'lifelong learning' focused grant, due Feb. 1. I've only just pasted the application questions in this shared doc so far, and sharing now in case you want to help shape it from this early juncture. I've been thinking Everywhere Gardens, Peace Practice, and the Health/wellness project already fit, but we can also add things like indivdiual members' workshops and lessons, and something like Sunday Skool if we want to. $10K is the avg amount granted with this one.

If you want to help or weigh in, you can type into this shared doc and let me know you're doing it. Maybe highlight what you type or put your initials by it: