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Workshop Wed 4.24.24 - Mutual Aid Tools for Healthier Business and Organizing

HUMANs, Stephanie Rearick
- 04/10/2024 18:16:06


You are invited....

Mutual Aid Tools for Healthier Business and Organizing interactive workshop
Wed. April 24, 6-7pm
At the Social Justice Center conference room and on here: (Click the green button when you get to the website)

Yes, you have been invited to this workshop before, and we've added it as a recurring monthly event in order to make it easy for people to plug in. We can provide snacks and kid-friendliness if you let us know your needs in advance!

It's time to show people what we at the Madison MAN (Mutual Aid Network Cooperative) have to offer for businesses and organizations. We're a resource sharing network, primarily, and one of the resources we're sharing is access to some open source software for communications, project management, CRM, and mutual credit exchange - plus connection with a peer support network o help make it easy to use.

There's a lot we can be doing to shore up our economic situation via mutual aid, and we'd love to explore that with you.

Hope to see you!
Founder, Madison MAN Cooperative, co-owner Mother Fool's Coffeehouse