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Tools for Healthier business and organizing - reply to schedule

HUMANs, Stephanie Rearick
- 03/06/2024 20:26:54

Hello all

I'm writing because it's time to show people what we at the Madison MAN (Mutual Aid Network Cooperative) have to offer for businesses and organizations. We're a resource sharing network, primarily, and one of the resources we're sharing is access o some open source software for communications, project management, CRM, and mutual credit exchange - plus connection with a peer support network o help make it easy to use.

There's a lot we can be doing to shore up our economic situation via mutual aid, and we'd love to explore that with you.

Can you join us for an hour on Wed March 20, 6-7pm? We'll meet in person with an option to join online.

If you can't meet 3/20 6-7 and are interested in participating, what are times that generally work for you?

Thanks much