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Solidarity Summit schedule - please reply asap

HUMANs, Stephanie Rearick
- 06/13/2023 22:37:48

hi there

egad, we still haven't nailed down exact timing for the Solidarity Summit.

I propose our main session to be Sunday 6/25, 12-1:30/2. Are you available? This would be where we show what each member level is and does, in an interactive way that will hopefully get people signed up.

For Saturday - should we have an intro/overview?

Saturday 3-5CDT Marilyn Lamer can lead karaoke. I can't be there so can Kurt and Emily be the HUMANs hosts? Maybe we'd add at 15-minute overview at the beginning of that session, just to ease people in. Again, that would be if one of you offers to lead that.

IF you think we should add a general intro session for Saturday, I propose that start at 12CDT and just go up to an hour.

Please reply. First, are you available Sunday 12-2CDT?
Second, do you want a whole intro/overview session Saturday too?
If not, do you want to add an overview to Marilyn's karaoke session and are you willing to lead it?