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Next Tue Board meeting, plus important work up to it

HUMANs, Stephanie Rearick
- 06/13/2023 18:16:52

hello all

Please come to our board meeting next Tuesday June 20, 2pm CDT. We need to approve member info for our member drive, including the member agreement, levels, costs, and benefits.

Meanwhile, today at 2 would normally be out Tech work group meeting. Gorazd and I plan to be on at 2:30 to work through member intake work flow, you're welcome to join us. I'll be on at 2 in case anyone wants to work together. We REALLY need a pared-down and chopped-up member agreement, and I'm completely overwhelmed by the task. Want to help me at 2?

3pm is our regular communications work group and we have plenty to do, for HUMANs and also trans-local work. Making a template for individualized invitations to join, putting together more summit comms, member drive stuff.

Hope you can join on zoom