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Member intake stuff

HUMANs, Stephanie Rearick
- 06/03/2023 18:32:47

I'd like for you to check out our intake stuff in progress, and how we're working on construing HUMANs membership for our upcoming member drive, which we're looking to launch after the next HUMANs board meeting signs off on everything.

This is the join form at the moment
This is the email sign-up (feel free to circulate these)
This is the doc where I'm writing what the membership levels will mean:
This is the doc where our member agreement needs cutting apart, cutting in general, and simplifying:

You are all more than welcome to participate in getting this work done, and let's get in the practice of logging our hours as we go. it's kinda fun to get in the habit...

Who can make it to comms on Tue at 3CDT? hope to see some of you then