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Today's messaging and meetings - important

HUMANs, Stephanie Rearick
- 03/14/2023 16:16:18

hello all

Hope you're good. I also hope you're coming to the summit this weekend!
AND check time zones. Do any of you have time changes coming up? We just did! I realized it sets us up for a c-f-k of a time this weekend and would like to mitigate that.

The summit starts at 8am CDT/ 1pm UTC

I'd like your ideas for how best to get this message across. It's a good excuse for another email blast! and I need to be sure it's really clear how it's communicated.

Speaking of which, 3pmCDT/8UTC is Communications an there's a ton to do so please join if you can

Gorazd and I are getting together an hour before, 2pm/7pm in order to do some things with our web presences, and if you have a head for organizing things like that please feel free to join then too.

Regular zoom