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Re: HUMANs Working Board

HUMANs, Stephanie Rearick
- 06/13/2022 16:27:01

hello! if this is a duplicate, sorry. But I didn't receive it in my email and thought maybe you didn't either, and have changed a couple settings in hopes of getting our new email list running.

Hello all!
This is coming from our new channel at our new HOME - this is a discussion group of our HUMANs Working Board.

Did you know we have a Solidarity Summit coming up June 25-26? The planning for it is nice and light and it'll be a good time. Please come to what you can! The theme is Spreading Like Wildflowers, and we're making ways to nourish our trans-local work. Think about local events you'd want to bring HUMANs to, partnerships you'd like to build, outreach you'd like to do. We're making ways to help make it easy and fun.

Tuesday at 3CST we have a Communications meeting and all are welcome. There's work to do to share about the Summit and more. On our regular zoom channel.

Wed at 10am CST we're hosting an overview of the HOME tech ecosystem for techies who may want to participate. this will be a good overview and you're welcome to join. We're not inviting casual users or project coordinators to this one - for that, we'll schedule more Shitty Parties. This will be for someone at a pilot site steward or board level, and techies. also same zoom

and finally - our regular board meeting would be June 21 at 2pm but I'm unavailable that day. You'd be welcome to have it without me or we could focus on our Communications meetings (I also can't make the 3pm Comms meeting that day) and then the Summit.