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HUMANs Board meeting tomorrow tue 12.20.22, 2pmCST

HUMANs, Stephanie Rearick
- 12/19/2022 16:45:31

hi there!

It's a very last-minute reminder - sorry, and hopefully it's in the calendars of the previous board members, and of course if you have to miss it it's pretty understandable especially for our new members -
But our regularly scheduled board meeting is tomorrow at 2CST and I'd like for whoever's available to meet and just set up a bit of our schedule for the next month and also check in about future board meeting times.

It's at our regular HUMANs zoom link:

Please reply so I know you got this, I'm sending via the Board discussion channel at HOME. Also let me know if you can make it tomorrow. If that time is always bad for you, we'll find a new time that works for everyone. Please feel free to send your scheduling limitations so we can start working around them.

I'm really excited for our new Board and our new year and our new HOME etc etc. The Summit was really cool and I look forward to building on it with you all. :)

Take care