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Upcoming meetings

HUMANs, Stephanie Rearick
- 04/09/2024 19:59:25

hi there,

Thanks to those who made it to today's HUMANs Board meeting.

We decided to add a funding meeting the 4th Tue of the month, 10am CDT (same time as board meeting). Hope you can make it! We'll be talking potential funding sources, proposals tailored to each, and work process.

Our next board meeting we'd like to hold something like the open reflection we'd intended to do last week.

2nd Tuesday of May - May 14, 10am CDT - we'll focus on a few questions, still able to be shaped by all of us:
Who are you, what can you share to help us know you? What's the yearning that brings you to HUMANs?
And two ticks and a wish - 2 things you appreciate, and a thing you wish for.

That will be enough for our regular 1.5 hour, and/or we can carve out time to vote on inviting John Buck to our advisory board, and open election for roles. Otherwise we'll add those things when it makes sense to do so. Your input is invited.