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Europe/RAMICS questions`

HUMANs, Stephanie Rearick
- 03/04/2024 17:14:47

hello! I see the abstract for the RAMICS conference is due 4/1. Anyone want to help, or at least say how you think we should focus it?

and - we could plan a 6-week solidarity stroll starting in Stroud for a commons fest mid -september and ending in Rome at the RAMICS conference nov 6-9. (I wouldn't necessarily expect anyone else to do all 6 weeks) so it's something to be considering and working toward if we want to do it, identifying funding sources, goals, stops, participants

and our next Board meeting is next Tue 3/12, 10am CST - hope to see you there! You'll get a separate meeting reminder with draft agenda and please send agenda requests too.