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The 146 idea

Stephen Hinton
- 02/22/2024 16:50:35
Hi Board and Mathew!

I did a 146 video for you guys after 146 came up at the meeting,

One Planet Purchasing: Changing the World Together - Watch Video

In this video, I discuss the concept of One Planet Purchasing and how it can help change the world. I highlight the growing concern about the carbon dioxide imbalance and the need for action. I also introduce the idea of a new economy that respects the planet and the importance of cooperation. Throughout the video, I explain different levels of action and explore the potential of internet-based platform cooperatives. Watch the video to learn more about how we can make a difference together.

We are at the idea stage - I have had a few workshops with local groups on this as the
idea does not need tech although tech can help.

We (Dutch software developer) ran out of development money so we are in a limbo at the moment.

Anyway if it's something you think works with HUMANS let's talk more.
And you probably have many questions!!!!!

Please share to all the board!


Stephen Hinton
Program Consultant,  Water Air Food Awards
Folkhemmet är cirkulärt  in Swedish Sustainability consulting