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Food for thought re '24 gatherings

HUMANs, Stephanie Rearick
- 12/18/2023 00:40:41

hi all

The summit was very inspiring for me. And just inspired me to suggest (always subject to revision/rejection of course)

We aim to host regional gatherings in a number of places in May(ish) and connect them all during one simultaneous session. We could co-plan what events might be, organize in concert, make it easy for each other, and also help each other do the local building that would lead to successful regional events. Maybe we could build in mini-sprints, like some from one region go visit another one live. Kathy, Wisconsinites, we could go visit Michael's on the east coast, for example. Could do some kind of rolling thing.... anyway, throwing it out there

Then aiming for fall Europe sprint and summits, coinciding with a complementary currency conference in early November, aiming for funding for a gathering between Slovenia, Austria, and Italy, and then traveling from there for longer, more time and more concerted work in more places

we can talk about this stuff when it makes sense. We need to hold a strategic planning session as soon as we can pull it together, likely a 'lite' before a full-on one could be planned and implemented. Maybe aiming for full-on during one of the sprints, May or Fall.

OK, it's nice to feel inspired enough to want to be typing work emails on a sunday night

thanks, all! 😊