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space.at-home.coop under attack

Matjaž Mozetič - Odoo admin
- 07/14/2022 20:23:20

NEWS. As those of you, that use the space.at-home.coop service noticed, the server was extremely unresponsive lately. That was because our server was under attack. I managed to find the source (Iran) and block it, but to solve the problem permanently, an automated script was installed on the server to automatically ban this kind of access attempts in the future. It was similar to the classic DDOS attack, but it was focused on a different protocol (and so the normal prevention measures didn't detect it). It is all sorted now, the server protection held well, the standard penetration test still grades our setup as A+ (better than the average e-banking website), but now we have an additional protection layer. We should be more than ok now. Regards to all.