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Set up work days for Seminole Hwy and School Rd.

HUMANs, Stephanie Rearick
- 05/20/2023 19:04:48
Hello all,

We had a good garden tour last week, and I’m happy to report we have great possibilities for matching gardeners and land. One on Seminole Hwy and one on School Rd, both ready to be planted with some of what you want to grow, both with fruit trees to care for and enjoy, both with lots of room to learn how to grow edible perennials. 

Soon we’ll also start a regular swap where you can exchange some of what you grow (or other stuff) for some of what our friends and neighbors grow. 

Ech was going to organize the time for the next School Rd work day and Sean was going to organize for Seminole Hwy.

Hoping this list is reaching everyone who has signed up for EveryWhere Gardens, and Ech and Sean can send to it when they decide on timing.

We’ll aim to contact people additional ways too, but hoping this can be a good thread for organizing ourselves.


Stephanie Rearick
+1 (608) 443-8229