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by "Bill Zimmerman" <zimmermanbillr@gmail.com> - 04/09/2024 20:13:36
Why don't we meet Wednesday mornings or Thursday afternoon and then if we want to we can bring some excess food to the Food Pantry or the Homeless Shelter?  I really wish I could do Mondays but I'm busy those days with therapy and meds.  Tuesday could work for me too but there's the Peace, Communicate, and Timebank meetings.  I want to do more stuff with MAN Madison starting this month.  I liked fixing the gardens by Social Justice Center and cleaning parks too.

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From: Stephanie Rearick <steph@at-home.coop>
Date: Tue, Apr 9, 2024, 11:38 AM
Subject: Everywhere Gardens - reply
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hi there
Thanks for taking on the coordination, Sean!

I like the idea of a standing meeting time at SJC, just because it makes it easier for people to plug in. And then we know to check in if the weather requires a reschedule, etc. In theory, the garden swap was a cool idea but not much garden stuff was swapped.

I like to connect regular meeting times with others - for example, if we do Tue at 4 it overlaps with the drop-in orientation time, which works well for me. And we have our potluck on the 4th Friday each month, 5-7, and could make a time around that. or free food, etc.



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