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Re: Madison MAN Common Fund loan request - timely, please reply

HUMANs, Rebecca Kemble
- 05/07/2024 19:01:03
  1. yes
  2. Piff
  3. I could meet next Tuesday at 3. If Ross can make the 4pm orientation we could make an afternoon of it!

From: Stephanie Rearick <>
Sent: Tuesday, May 7, 2024 11:58 AM
To: Common Fund <>
Subject: Madison MAN Common Fund loan request - timely, please reply

Hello all,

Hope this finds you well.

We have a $400 quick-turnaround (by Friday if possible) loan request from someone who's a regular Peace Practice participant. This is for co-pays for diabetes medication. The person is a member of the Madison MAN and will be a participating member of the common fund.

The Pay it Forward Fund (PIFF) has $558 so could cover this.

Or if members of the savings pool Common Fund, who have enough to cover this (I could kick in from mine too), would like to loan from there in order to keep more money available in the quick turnaround PIFF please let me know and we'll do it that way.

Also - we really need to get together and make some updates to our record-keeping, and some shoring up of policies, and some plans to feed this more and make it more available. Who's in? What times are good for you? Tuesday afternoons except 3-4 can generally work for me, plus many other times.

So - please reply to answer these questions:
1. Is it OK to give the $400 loan by Friday?
2. Are you offering to loan from your Common Fund money or would you rather we do it from PIFF?
3. Are you up for meeting to solidify this practice? If so, when? Tuesday afternoons, what time? Not Tuesdays, what other days/times?

Thanks much

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