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HUMANs, Stephanie Rearick
- 29/01/2024 20:19:12

Hello all,

I hope you're doing well and enjoying the sunshine today.

This list has been for SJC peace practice and I've just added some emails from our gathering at the east side shelter also.

You are welcome to join in any of the Peace Practices that suit your needs, and we'd like to hear from you about whether you'd like to participate in them, and which ones.

Every Monday 4-5pm we meet at OM Tiny Houses, 1901 Aberg.

Every Tuesday 5:30-6:30pm we've been meeting at the Social Justice center 1202 Williamson. However, attendance has been sparse lately so we might put that on hold and just do trainings and other organizing work at SJC. Please weigh in! We'll meet tomorrow Jan. 30, at the regular time and it will be the last regular session if people don't come or don't get in touch to say they want it to continue and plan to participate.

Every Thursday 6:30-7:30pm we meet at the shelter at 2002 Zeier Road.

Want to join? Want to request a different time and place? Reply to this email to let us know.

Madison Mutual Aid Network Coop