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Re: Peace Practice notes 9.12.23

Sean Gere
- 13/09/2023 21:57:51
Thank you Stephanie. My teeth do to, the dentist worked out.

I have no appointments scheduled for next Tuesday so will be at sjc next week. We can all talk about it but I would be happy lead a week that Stephanie is gone.

Peach season unlike peace season is waning, sorry I missed the latest.

Sean Gere

Cell- 608-225-9118

On Tue, Sep 12, 2023 at 5:56 PM Stephanie Rearick <> wrote:

Hi all,

Here are my notes from Peace Practice. I'm the only one here, but that's fine because I expected it, having heard from several people that they had other stuff going on.

So, I heard back from Jonathan Scharrer who's doing our Restorative Justice training, and he's available to do a series in November. I'd like to nail down the schedule prior to our Oct 21 Sharefest event so we can invite people from Sharefest to join the training. Your scheduling suggestions are welcome. We can do a few 4-hour sessions or more 2-hour sessions. We need to choose days and times and make sure they're compatible with his schedule. I just replied to him asking for good days/times.

Regarding Peach Practice: Today I made a thing with some components of other treats I like to make, and some stuff I needed to use up. I had other meetings today so got to share it there, and send Annie home with it. I also got to give Annie some frozen leftover pavlova from the weekend's Peach Practice. Freezing it was an experiment. Lots of practice this week, and still more peaches left.

I'll be here next week for Peace Practice and then I'll be away for the following 3 Tuesdays. I would welcome some of you to offer to host those. Justine, Sean, Kacy, anyone else?


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