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Regular meetings tomorrow at 2 and 3 cdt

HUMANs, Stephanie Rearick
- 20/03/2023 18:09:37

hi all

Thanks so much for being at the summit, those who were. It was really cool, or at least I thought it was. looking foward to debriefing and making future plans.

our regular board meeting is Tue March 21, 2CDT/UTC-5. You up for it? Many of you have spent a ton of time on zoom with us lately, so if you need a break I understand. For my part, I'm considering this week of follow-up to be part of the summit crunch, and then I'll take a few days off starting March 27 and encourage you to do the same.

3pmCDT/UTC-5 is Communications and I'm aiming to set up our follow-up, regular onboarding sessions, and a structured 'ambassadorship' or some such, and whatever else you need to do for your mutual aid efforts.

regular zoom. Let me know if you need a break, and that's fine. Otherwise we hope to see you 😊