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8.29.23 Peace Practice notes

HUMANs, Stephanie Rearick
- 29/08/2023 23:31:06


Here are some notes from today's Peace Practice:

Participating: Stephanie Rearick, Sean Gere, Cindy Harrington

We focused on issues in and around SJC, especially the tensions arising between neighbors housed and unhoused, and different participants in the building.

Some items we're focusing on:
We'd like to organize a meeting with CARES team staff and SJC people, to create a better understanding of CARES and how we might benefit from their experience.
We want to find ways to connect a potential HRJ respondent with serious case management-type services in order to be able to accommodate her in a voluntary referral.
We'd like to play a supporting role in organizing and facilitating healthy conversations with different parties to the SJC issues.

Resources: CARES Team, Madison Street Medicine, Kabba, JustDane - Linda Ketcham/Jackie Austin - boundary setting, undestanding ideal circle makeup

See you next week!