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Re: Notes from Peace Practice 9.5.23

Sean Gere
- 06/09/2023 12:45:38
Thank you Stephanie.

I've been trying to think of some way or somebody that could bridge the gap with folks outside.

Butch from OM would possibly be a good person. He knows that life well, is very actively employed with street medicine so probably knows them already. Now he is incredibly active and invested with OM.

I could easily see him being listened to when he said ‘here’s the deal, follow the rules or get… out. Keep it cool and you wont mess things up.’

I could talk to him about it. Just putting out further ideas.

Sean Gere

On Tue, Sep 5, 2023 at 6:37 PM Stephanie Rearick <> wrote:

Participating: Stephanie Rearick, Sean Gere, Annie Kraus (SJC Director), Ryan Stanfa, Justine Jones

Main topic: How to support healthy conflict resolution around the Social Justice Center
SJC Update from Annie:
Issues: disruption, conflict, messiness, unsafe drug usage, unsanitary conditions outside the building
Safety v. inclusivity

next-door and across-the-street neighbors interested in harm reduction, supportive of non-police interventions
obvious drive-by drug buys
SJC Board Executive Committee decided to disallow any presence in the ramp, no unauthorized presence for 3 weeks
We'll give 3 warnings then you're suspended for a month (how to enforce?) Police will be called, and people are getting that explicit warning.
We could put up a No Trespassing sign but that would enable police to come arrest people.
2 people sleep here regularly. One couple hangs out regularly. Is there someone who sleeps outside who would be willing to share the rules? Maybe with structure and support to avoid earlier power dynamic problems. Annie wants to get people inside to work on their housing.
Talk to fire station and CARES team re whether anyone there could check on things here.
We need to acknowledge ways that we enable destructive behavior.

Peace Practice - meet outside, invite people to join. Grow a team mindset in building, of reaching out. Have people become known as the ones who take responsibility, know the rules.
Ask at Occupy for suggestions, see if people can be offered work hours and housing

Phone charging station will be installed at SJC soon.

Gathering is the source of the most disruptive problems.

Wed and Fri Resource Advocacy Days with people trained on various services

Set up standing conflict resolution participant pool - Sean Gere, Stephanie Rearick, Justine Jones. Maybe Ryan Stanfa

Learning opportunities:
Boundary setting - SR will research
Restorative Justice (late October start)
SJC offers monthly Narcan training

Workspace orgs and Books to Prisoners groups are good ones to invite to Peace Practice
Move Peace Practice to workspace when cold

Sharefest - Sat Oct 21, 2-6pm - kick off a more public peace practice, do outreach at sharefest
Community Justice focus for skillshares etc. Annie will offer de-escalation training monthly on Thur evenings 5:30-6:30

Sean will ask Free Bikes for Kids person about perks like showtime, bikes, etc
Public acknowledgment of their contribution to community.

Find ways to invite outside neighbors into MAN activities more generally.

That's all now.

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