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Re: Link to Comms notes - agenda for today's 3pm meeting

CoThrive Timebank, Kathy Sipple
- 20/02/2024 17:23:36
I may need to miss today. My first meeting started at 6 am and my last one ends at 9 pm tonight with very few breaks throughout the day. I might need to step away from screens for an hour. Sorry to miss -- it was just a strange day with scheduling. 

Kathy Sipple
Senior Resiliency Coordinator, Northwest Indiana

On Tue, Feb 20, 2024 at 11:17 AM Stephanie Rearick <> wrote:

Hello again

Kathy S, I just added you to this discuss list. Please see the above message for the other details about today's meeting (It's above if you log in at and go to 'discuss' then find the HUMAN Communications thread) - Actually that sounds hard so i'm pasting the rest here under the link to meeting notes

Everyone is welcome to make suggestions to the agenda. you can type right on the page, if you change the order of things go ahead and just do it. If you have more substantive suggestions please underline them or something to indicate the changes.

and the rest of the meeting details:

hi there

I hope you can make today's HUMANs Communications work group meeting. We have a lot going on and the more the merrier!

First, we need to check out our new website and make some plans for its continued improvement

AND I'd love to start having you all make some blog posts, Reports from the Field or some such

and look into possible events, gatherings, timeline for the year.

On here - click the green 'join' button (it'll say start if you get there first, and yes click it) when you get there. And if you lose the link it's at the same place it was from 'go deeper' pull-down at the website.

Hope to see you but either way, feel free to check out the website and send your thoughts about any of this.

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