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Hello mutual aid gardeners! and garden-offerers :)

HUMANs, Stephanie Rearick
- 10/05/2023 19:45:07

You're hearing from me on a discussion thread I've created specifically for people who want to participate in EveryWhere Gardens. I'm keeping this list un-moderated for now, so please just reply all when you have a message for everyone. I expect us to use this thread to establish our regular work flows and ways of communicating.

That said, we do need someone to help phone people or contact them via other means when they're offline. anyone want to help with that?

And we have an event coming up! Wednesday May 16 at 4pm is our first Garden Party! Yes, it’s a fun party in a garden setting and yes it’s also a work party! We’ll start some work on a couple gardens by Wingra bike path and the Arboretum, and make plans for how we keep the fun and growing rolling. We’ll meet at the Social Justice Center and carpool to the locations, or bring your bike.

We also aim to host a regular easy event the 4th Friday of each month, 5-7pm, a way new people can drop in and those active in different values-aligned efforts can check in about each of our work, invite newcomers, find and act on synergies. Is that a good time for you? I want to plan around active members.

to reply just to me, info@madisonman.coop