Calling all geeks!


We’ll be hosting a little Mutual Aid Network orientation and tech plans discussion on Tuesday January 16 at 10am CST. Same web meeting we always use.

Here’s a podcast that the meeting organizer, Lisha Sterling of Geeks Without Bounds (thanks Lisha!!), recorded. To give you some background.

Here’s the event page where you can register. Or if you forget, you can still just show up.

My goals for the meeting: Show people how the MAN framework could apply to helping you do what you want to with your life, with the support of your community. And then show where we are with tech tools, where we aim to go, and see if/how folks would like to plug in to contribute and benefit. And plan next steps and work flow.

We’ll go for about 1.5 hours,.

Feel free to invite people you think would be interested in engaging this way.


MANs Founder and HUMANs Board President

2 thoughts on “Calling all geeks!

  1. I just listened to the Geeks Without Bounds podcast. I would be interested in learning about the latest developments. Is there a recording of the January 16’s meeting?

    1. hi
      I just got this message, sorry! you can write me directly at

      and there’s plenty happening. We’re about to make a list of needed skills and reach out to GWOB again. I don’t know if I’m seeing your whole message, let me know if you have particular questions.


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