Autumn Solidarity Summit Sept 25-26! Theme: Abundant Harvest

Join us for our Autumn Solidarity Summit!

When: September 25-26, 2021

Where: Wherever you are, and online at zoom

Who: People who are ready to use mutual aid to support each other in building a world that supports thriving life for the 100%

Why: Hosted by Humans United in Mutual Aid Networks, in order to come together to learn from and support each other in mutual aid efforts. Our goal is to create means for everyone to discover and succeed in work they want to do, with the support of their community. We act on our belief that everyone deserves a lively humanhood, and we support each other to live our highest and best life.

What: At the Solidarity Summit we’ll gather (COVID-safe, physically distant, outdoor, masked when possible, and/or online) simultaneously in our localities with our local mutual aid partners, and connect online across all the locations participating, in order to build skills, relationships, and momentum together while benefiting our local work.

We’ll celebrate harvest season with a theme of food access, indigenous food sovereignty, and abundant life through mutual aid. With a screening of the film Gather and a simultaneous global shared meal. Saturday lunch in the Americas, dinner in UK and Europe, Sunday morning breakfast in Australasia – join in!

Summit Schedule

  • Sat Sept 25 1-2 CDT: Summit Overview, meet and mingle, get help setting up
  • Sat Sept 25 2-3 CDT: Live Multi-location meal sharing. Let’s share each other’s abundance, dreams, and gratitude. Online and connecting local gatherings
  • Sun Sept 26 1-3 CDT: “Gather” film screening + discussion. Watch with your own connection (more reliable but register ahead) or join us on zoom.
  • 3-4 CDT: Summit Harvest + Virtual marketplace
  • 4-? Optional dance party and/or meet and mingle


Email info@mutualaidnetwork to join in shaping it.

See the calendar at for more information and scheduling details.

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